Oncoscience AG and GenIlac agree on cooperation terms in Turkey

Oncoscience | July 7th, 2010

Oncoscience, Wedel and GenIlac, Ankara agree on cooperation in Turkey for Nimotuzumab(Theraloc®), an EGFr antibody, which is being developed by Oncoscience in Europe.

Oncoscience grants GenIlac the rights to apply for marketing approval for nimotuzumab in Turkey and for marketing the antibody in the territory.

Oncoscience will take an active advisory role guiding GenIlac in the conduct of clinical trials and aid in the compilation of regulatory documentation for the approval process at the Turkish Ministry of Health.

The cooperation will result in faster recruitment in already ongoing studies. Additionally new indications will be explored.

„We are very happy to have found such an able partner in GenIlac who has a leading role in Turkey based on the company’s product portfolio. GenIlac is a privately owned company and the two companies’ firm philosophies are nearly identical“ said Ferdinand Bach, CEO of Oncoscience AG. „The data generated in this cooperation will suppelement data for regulatory purposes and lead to faster market entry for nimotuzumab(Theraloc®)“.

Abidin Gülmüs ,CEO of Gen Ilac added ‘‘Oncoscience and GenIlac complement each other very well in their market and product views. We are very much excited to serve the Oncology Society with unmet needs with a non toxic EGFr antibody to the Turkish patients in the near future.“